Studio Lighting Diagram Creator Download for Photoshop

Studio Lighting Diagram Creator

Thought I’d share this studio lighting diagram creator that I found with you.  If you viewed my Natural Light Portrait Tutorial, you’ll more than likely noticed that I added some lighting diagrams to give you an idea of how I set up the shots.  I plan on doing that in future posts as well. This won’t be a very long post.  Just a quick link to the zip file and some advice.  When you get great shots with a certain studio lighting setup, you should make a diagram.  It will help you later if you’re like me and can’t always remember exactly what you did… This was created by Kevin Kertz, so stop by his site and check it out.  The file is a PSD and will work with Photoshop and GIMP (I think) and it’s a free download.  I would also like to mention that it is extremely easy to set up your lighting diagrams after playing around with it for a few minutes.  Click to download it here (it’s small – about 160 kb). Thought I’d show you an example of some of the images available for your use in the light diagram creator: Read more »

Natural Lighting Photography for Portraits Tutorial

Natural Light Portrait Tutorials

I’ve recently become inspired to try natural lighting photography portraiture by seeing the work of  Sue Bryce.  Honestly, this is something totally new to me.  In the past I have always used studio flashes such as the Elinchrom D-Lites with softboxes, beauty dishes, and backdrops hung from the affordably priced Linco Background Support System. While this is great for certain types of shoots, it’s not always feasible or called for in portraiture… So I set out to teach myself some new techniques.  For this project all I used was equipment I already had available to me – with one exception: I bought sheer white fabric from Joannes to cover the windows.  I wanted the natural light to come in, but didn’t want it to be to harsh.  This fabric helped convert the sunlight coming through the windows into a giant softbox. I was lucky enough to have an aspiring makeup artist on hand (my girlfriend – thanks Diana!) and a volunteer model (thanks Christina).  I think they both did a wonderful job! I’ve also included studio lighting diagrams to go along with the photos.  To help give you an idea of how each one was shot. Read more »